Monday, 26 June 2017

Careers Education C.V. Writing

In CAREERS EDUCATION we have been learning to write a skills based Curriculum Vitae.

A skills based C.V. focuses more on the skills that we have,  rather than our work history.

Here is a link to our online modeling book that shows the process we have followed.

Three things that I have learned about writing a Curriculum Vitae are:

It needs to be short and to the point.

It need to be tidy and organized.

If it has spelling mistakes most employees will throw it in the bin.

Here is a link to my Skills based Curriculum Vitae.

Assessment task: Investigate situations that involve elements of chance by comparing experimental distributions with expectations from models of the possible outcomes, acknowledging variation and independence.

Assessment task: Investigate situations that involve elements of chance by comparing experimental distributions with expectations from models of the possible outcomes, acknowledging variation and independence.

Question 1:

Show your working and answer here (you may need to add a photo of a tree diagram you frew on your little whiteboard):

beath vs aroha, beath won
                                             ------------- beath vs delsey, beath won.
Connie vs delsey, delsey won

Question 2:
Car number plates in the land of Automobile have two letters and two digits. How many different number plates could be made using two letters and two digits?

Show your working and answers here:

26 x 2 = 52
                 -------------- 52 x 20 = 1,040
10 x 2 = 20

Question 3:

Show your working and answer here:

4x4= 16

Friday, 9 June 2017

Use a range of multiplicative strategies when operating on whole numbers.

This is what we had to do for the extended abstract task. At the bottom are my answers.

Use a range of multiplicative strategies when operating on whole numbers

I can apply the strategy to problem solving questions

The escape

A prisoner sits in his cell planning his escape. The prisoner is kept in by 5 laser beams, which operate along a corridor. Each laser is switched off at a specific time interval for just long enough to allow a person to walk through. The time between being switched off for each laser is shown below:

  • Laser One = every 3 minutes
  • Laser Two = every 2 minutes
  • Laser Three = every 5 minutes
  • Laser Four = every 4 minutes
  • Laser Five = every 1 minutes

The guard patrols and checks the prisoner each time all the laser beams are off simultaneously. Because each laser only switches off for a short time the prisoner knows he can only get past one laser at a time. He has to get past the five lasers from 1 to 5 in order. Laser One is at the entrance of the prisoner’s cell and laser Five is at the door to the outside. He also knows that if he spends longer than 4 minutes 12 seconds in the corridor an alarm will go off.

Can the prisoner escape without the alarm in the corridor going off?

I came to more than one answer it is just about what strategy you used.
  1. He can't do it because he spends to long in the corridor
  2. He can't because the guard will come to check on him because he comes when all lasers are off and 3+2=5 and 4+1=5 as well so the guard would come at laser 3.
  3. He might also be able to get through all and then have 12 seconds to run from the guard (unless guard is fit then he will catch the prisoner unless he has a getaway car waiting.)
  4. Etc.

If he can escape, how many minutes should he wait before passing Laser One?

None he can go once the first laser has gone because it is right in front of his cell entrance so he can act like he is just standing around until the laser turns off.

How much time will he have after passing Laser Five before the guard raises the alarm?

  1. He will have 12 seconds to run
  2. It depends if he even gets to laser five
  3. It also depends on how long the guard takes.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Excellence Can do #1

Yesterday I went to technology. On the bus I sat with Natasha and at tech we decided that we wanted to make a pillow together but we wanted one each so we cut out 4 pieces of this fluffy fabric and got two pieces each then we sow them together. When I went to sow it I forgot to go back and then forward so I had to get this tool were you get it under the thread and pull it out but it was really hard to do because the fabric was fluffy. So I showed resilience by asking the teacher for help and not giving up when it was really hard. The care value I showed was respect because when the teacher was busy I dint call out her name.

Excellence must do #1

Yesterday we went to the .c.c.c. building (Christchurch, city, council.) we learned about how they make decisions about where their money goes and we also got to plan an event were we had a budget and had to meet it or below. we also learnt about what the .c.c.c. does/owns/runs I learnt that they have 7 departments that all look after stuff e.g water and lands that are special to Christchurch, building checks, looking after parks and other stuff. we also went into the council chamber, were I was a person from the press. we also had an activity were we (Natasha, Sophie & I) had an event to plan. We had a budget of $9,000. We went for a small event wears others went for a big event.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Home learning #5 Merit

A2. Design a set of cards to give to your family over the year (e.g birthday card).

Today I made about 6 cards for my home learning challenge I made them all different and all blank so that it could be for anything and not just for my family. I found some old pens and stickers I also found some glitter glue pens that I got ages ago. It took about an hour and a half so it was really stressful when I couldn't come up with any ideas.

Here are some of my cards I made....

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

My Favorite Book (Hunger Games)

The book I enjoyed the most this term was The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is about a girl named Katniss. She has a sister named prim and her mum is a home nurse (so when people get hurt in her district they come to her) they have a game/competition were they have to fight to the death. when they become 12 years old they must put their name into the draw.

When her sisters name gets called she volunteers to take her place. Now she must try to survive the hunger games well playing a role of star crossed lovers.

you will like this book if you are into action.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Home leaning challenge #4

R3. Create a movie/digital presentation of how the Oakland's CARE values are used by students at our school.

Today I did a home learning challenge were you had to show how the Oakland's C.A.R.E values are used using a digital presentation.

here is my slide I did.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Home learning challenge #3

E8.choose a musical instrument and learn a new song 

I have been learning the drums for about a year now and I have recently learnt a new song, this song is called heavy dirty soul by twenty one pilots I find this song really fun to do and it was really hard but I got there it was really fun but what helped me most was nick because he helped me learn how to do the beat. I have also learn LA devote we just didn't add the high hat it still sounded cool even without the high hat.

Leadership Merit can do #5

Today when I went to tech and on the bus I talk to Natasha we were talking about what group we had next because we changed groups for technology I was in science and next term i'm doing textiles I'm want to make a stress ball. The trait I showed was resilience because when ever I got something wrong I kept trying. The care value I showed was active thinking because I did my sowing lines good and then I got to help others with doing there machines and helping them remember how to do it.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Current Events Term 1

In Current Events I covered these topics:
  • The design of the Halswell Skate Park and I made a submission to the council.
  • Donald Trump’s Refugee Plan
  • Christchurch Earth Memorial
  • The new Ngā Puna Wai Sports Facility
  • The Red Zone and Avon River Regeneration Plan with a submission to the council.

My favorite topic was...because…

Here is a link to my learning on the Red Zone and Avon River Regeneration Plan.

The Reading National Standards I have achieved are
  • Year 9/10
    • As I read I can make decisions about the usefulness of the text for the purpose - Eg: by using a variety of criteria to evaluate

Term 1 Novel Study

This term I have been reading and studying the novel cast away!!

I found this novel interesting  because I have never really read a book based on a true story and I found it very interesting how they learned how to survive on disappointment island.

During the novel I had to complete two major assessment tasks. The first is an Explain Map which shows the consequences of a major event in the book. The second was a Describe++ Map (Inference map) which shows I how I have connected prior knowledge and other experiences to what I have been reading to make an inference.

National Standard this covers
  • Year 9/10 Standard
    • I can monitor my understanding as it develops during my reading, and adjust my strategies to address any comprehension problems Eg: If I don’t understand a passage I have read I can re-read it, read-on, use pictures or diagrams, or explore the meaning of some of the vocabulary.
    • I can use strategies to analyse ideas and information and to reflect critically on the meaning I am gaining from my reading. (Eg: I can think about the meaning of the information and ideas and how this fits with what I think)

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Home learning challenge #2

C7. Start a new hobby, research it and make something to give to someone as a gift (E.g pottery, origami, cards, knitting). When it was my mums birthday I decided that I would make a card for her. It was a great birthday party we had kfc (ha ha) and it was good!! This is what my card looked like

I think that this looks good but there was supposed to be a bow on the left corner but it fell of so I could of found a better way to stick it on.

Leadership blog post #5 Merit must do

Today I had to collect the house points and also I had to say who the winning house was for the term it was a really good term because there was two houses that were always very close but in the end Rata won for the term, also we had to announce this on the school speaker thing  I was really nervous with talking into it and messing up the words so Mr ladbrook said " you know what i'm going to record it and then play it over  and over again and ask people what they think you need to work on." . The leadership trait I showed most this term was trustworthy because even though all my friends and all the kids from school asked me who won I didn't tell them who won. I think that next term will be better because I will have lots of experience with what to do I just need to work on remembering to do the hand signals.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Use simple fractions and percentages to describe probabilities.

This is my math group that Ive been doing this term this is my assessment task...

Assessment task: Use simple fractions and percentages to describe probabilities

Question 1:

Show your working and answer here:

Question 2:
Show your working and answers here:
2a: she needs to buy at least 4, the cost would be $2.00

2b: she needs to buy 6 so it would cost 3.00

2c: he would need to at least buy 9 and that would cost $4.50

Question 3:

Show your working and answer here:
400 times because every time it breaks it truns into 4 mini tiles so you times 4 and 100, that equals 400!!!!!
What is you next step?
My next step is is to work it out quicker.

Finally, add the screenshots from the 3 IXL activities you did here:

Activity One
Screenshot 2017-03-07 at 12.31.56 PM.png
Activity Two
Screenshot 2017-03-13 at 12.40.00 PM.png
Activity Three
Screenshot 2017-03-23 at 2.51.30 PM.png

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Merit Must do N. 4

Today me and Katie had to do the house points, but it was raining but we decided that it was OK to go and do them, but the laptop would get wet so I asked Sophie if I could use her jacket to protect the laptop she sad that we could, so we used it to cover the laptop from the rain. it was really hard because it was really windy and wet so when we could we went from the cloak bays to the class rooms so we didn't get wet. the care value I demonstrated most was Active thinking because I asked to use Sophie's jacket and also Thought to use the cloak bays.

Merit Leadership #4 can do

Today I showed leadership by helping out Mr Muller by put out/back the chairs for assembly I had trouble getting the chairs on to the stacks because they were really long, the way I fixed that was by getting someone to help me it was much easier that way. the care value I showed was the most was respect because I used me time to help Mr Muller put the chairs out and back again.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Merit must do #3

Today also at assembly we had to present the house points again it went pretty well and I wasn't as nervous as I was the first time I did it. When we were presenting, some times I forgot that we had to do the hand signals to make them stop drum rolling and clapping, when it came to clapping the little kids didn't stop when we did the hand signals it was a little bit frustrating but we got through it anyway. The care value I showed the most was excellence. I showed this by when the kids weren't listening to the signals I waited for them to stop talking so that me and Katie could carry on with the house points.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Merit can do #3

Today after assembly me and all the other leaders packed up the hall (we put the all the seats back) it was a really good job and it was quick to we also had some relievers today who need some help with stuff so when they asked me something then I would tell them what to do e.g when they couldn't get the other kids attention I told them that they should use the horn and they did and it got the other students attention. The care values I showed most was community and respect because I was helping others when needed and also treating are relievers as if they were are normal home room teachers.

Home learning challenge merit #1

C7. Start a new hobby, research it and make something to give to someone as a gift (E.g pottery, origami, cards, knitting).

The 21st of February (the same day as the big earth quake) is my uncles birthday I decided that I was going to make a card for him, then I remembered that it was also a home learning challenge it took me a long time to make but it was definitely worth it.

Here is some photos of what it look like :

Leadership Article Writting

In writing I have been learning to:
  • use all basic punctuation independently
  • attempt more complex punctuation (eg semicolons, colons, parentheses)

I have been especially focusing on using parentheses and commas. I have highlighted these in green where I have used them as well as other punctuation that I changed because it was used incorrectly. Here is a piece of my writing that shows this.

So overall to be a great leader (like Mr Barack Obama) you need to have the six leadership traits Integrity, Goal focused, Trustworthy, Active thinker, Resilient and Motivational.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Games with minimal or no equipment.

in PE we have been participating in a variety of games that require little or no equipment.
Below is the Matrix which shows our progression in this unit of learning.

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 12.32.06 PM.png

The table below shows my understanding of games with minimal or no equipment.
(Fill this table in, in as much detail as possible. )

Examples of Games that need minimal or no equipment.
What equipment would we usually need to play these games.  
Why do we play games with minimal or no equipment?
duck duck goose
cat n mouse
sneak up granny
whats the time Mr Wolfie
bibs or bands
and maybe a whistle
if you want to play a game and you don't have all the gear you need.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Merit Can do #2

The last few weeks at tech haven't been that great but a way I showed leadership was by when the teachers asked us to do something I would do it, also when we were on the bus I would only talk to the person next to me which was usually Charlotte L. The values I showed the most was Community and Respect because when someone asked me to do something I did it.

Merit Must do #2

This week we got to present the house points for the first time. when we got called up Katie and I were very nervous then when we were on stage it got better lots of the kids where into the drum roll and the new presentation, this week we also had run bike run we had to get some buckets for people to put there pozis in it was really fun at the run bike run. The leader ship value I showed most was Community because when I saw some rubbish then I would pick it up I also cheered for all the people that I saw.  

Friday, 3 March 2017

Merit must do #1

Today we did buddy program I was teaching the juniors how to play with out or with minimal equipment. it was very challenging at one point we had lots of kids that did not want to play the games we had so we got them to tell us the games they wanted to play. I showed leadership by being resilient when the kids wouldn't listing and not playing. the value I showed was excellence I showed it by, when some people wanted the court we split it in half so that both groups could have the court.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

WALT : know square numbers to 100 and the matching square roots

In Maths we have been learning:

Square numbers to 100 and their matching square roots.
This is part of our basic facts knowledge.
It is important to just know these as we can use this knowledge in other areas of maths.

Here are the IXL screenshots that show evidence of my learning.  

My next learning step in Maths is not to talk to my friends when trying too learn because I kept getting distracted and to be able to answer square root questions faster.

Monday, 20 February 2017

WALT: Find factors of numbers to 100 and common multiples of numbers to 10

Assessment Task:

1. Find all the factors of 16

The factors of 16 are: 20,16 and 45

2. Find all the factors of 20

The factors of 20 are: 1,2,4,5,10 and 20

3. Fill in the missing factors below:




Here are the 3 screenshots to my IXL activities:

Screenshot 2017-02-20 at 12.16.47 PM.png
Screenshot 2017-02-20 at 12.14.39 PM.png
Screenshot 2017-02-14 at 12.32.55 PM.png

My next step is:
find an easier way to get the answer. : )