Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Term 2 Book Review.

Title Of The Book Is : 


This book is from the Science Fiction genre. 

This book is about a girl named Beatrice she lives in a city were they have 5 places that are called Factions. These Factions have a certain value; there names are... Candor that value honesty, Abnegation  that value selflessness, Erudite that values being smart, Amity that values forgiveness and kindness and Dauntless that values bravery.
Here is the blurb if you are interested in this book...

Sixteen-year-old Tris (Beatrice that is just her nick name.) is forced to make a terrible choice. In a divided society where everyone must conform, Tris does not fit. 

So she ventures out alone, determined to discover where she truly belongs. Shocked by her brutal new life, Tris can trust NO ONE. And yet she is drawn to a boy who seems to both threaten and protect her

The hardest choice lies ahead.

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