Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Leadership blog post #5 Merit must do

Today I had to collect the house points and also I had to say who the winning house was for the term it was a really good term because there was two houses that were always very close but in the end Rata won for the term, also we had to announce this on the school speaker thing  I was really nervous with talking into it and messing up the words so Mr ladbrook said " you know what i'm going to record it and then play it over  and over again and ask people what they think you need to work on." . The leadership trait I showed most this term was trustworthy because even though all my friends and all the kids from school asked me who won I didn't tell them who won. I think that next term will be better because I will have lots of experience with what to do I just need to work on remembering to do the hand signals.

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